What’s so funny!

Usually there are two versions of a husband. The one at home, wants a neat and clean house, loves to hold a commanding post in the household and wants to be loved and respected for bringing food to the table. And the other one is a poor, victimised soul who suffers daily in the hands of his wife. The latter version usually exists in social gatherings and wats app jokes!!!

There are jokes on how a wife spends all the husband’s money, or how a wife takes all the decision of the house and is always angry and how the husband is always scared of her wrath..!! There are also jokes on how husbands are useless because they weren’t well taught by their mothers!! 

I know a joke is supposed to be taken with a pinch of salt. To most of the people I know, these jokes are hilarious. But it bothers me at some level. I think it degrades a holy bond between a man and a woman and it reeks of sexism. 

I am not a staunch feminist. I respect the role played by a man and a woman in the society. I believe people should deserve adulation only on the basis of their roles played and not due to their gender. Some people who fear criticism, express their feelings when it feels acceptable to do so, in a way that is easily disguised –  by joking about it freely. The jokes that were meant to disguise such thoughts, soon become a perception based on some random personality trait !!

On the other hand, I have seen some husbands, who financially support their wives to complete their education or set up a new business and have immense appreciation for what they do. Respect is a two way street. But many of us often forget that.

A situation can be funny, but a cheap laughter by stereotyping the spouse, is not something I appreciate. They say behind every joke is a sliver of truth. Such jokes, draw attention to the faults and failures of our partners. Being playful is different than being hateful.

Ladies and Gentlemen, lets not play the victim card for fun! Humour is risky for sure. But lets make jokes on the politicians instead !!